Who’s who

Photo of Thomas Widmann

Thomas Widmann is an experienced consultant and project manager with an academic background in linguistics and computer science and more than ten years’ experience in dictionaries. He grew up bilingually in Danish and German and uses English as his daily language. He has always been keen on learning languages, and he has learnt Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Georgian, Russian, Italian, French, Czech, Basque, Esperanto and Scottish Gaelic (amongst others) to various levels.  Of course he can also read and understand Swedish and both varieties of Norwegian at a near-native level.  He’s currently learning Scots.

Within linguistics, his research interests include linguistic typology, corpus linguistics, historical linguistics and phonetics.

Within computer science, his expertise includes genetic algorithms and neural networks, relational database design, text processing in Perl, DTD/Schema design and XML transformation using XSLT and other languages, typesetting in TeX/LaTeX, website design in HTML/CSS, PHP, Javascript (Ajax), JSP and Perl, and general programming in languages including C, C#, Java and Scheme.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, gardening and blogging.

Photo of Phyllis Buchanan

Phyllis Buchanan is a highly accomplished linguist with more than twenty years’ experience in bilingual and ELT lexicography.  For instance, she was one of the main lexicographers on the Collins-Robert Comprehensive, Large and Concise French dictionaries and on the equivalent Collins German titles (under her previous name Phyllis Gautier), and she was instrumental in developing the concept of the Collins Easy Learning range.

She is very comfortable working with English, French, German, Italian and Swedish, and is able to work with all Romance and Germanic languages.

Apart from her linguistic expertise, she is also a highly experienced photographer. You can see a selection of her photos on Flickr.