Complexli is a consultancy highly experienced in creating, manipulating and presenting language data.

Within these areas, we provide consultancy and project management, including financial planning and monitoring.  We can also undertake whole and partial projects, using both our in-house resources and our extensive network of freelancers, ensuring that we always have the right people for the job.

We focus especially on the following areas:

  • presenting language data
    • in interactive websites (using Ajax)
    • in smartphones (Android and iOS)
    • in print
  • storing language data
    • designing DTDs and XML Schemas
    • converting legacy data to XML
    • designing and implementing relational databases (in MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle or PostgreSQL)
    • Content Management Solutions
  • transforming and checking structured language data computationally
  • bilingual and ELT dictionaries
    • translating and compiling large bilingual dictionaries
    • writing large English bilingual dictionary frameworks
    • merging dictionaries in different European languages
    • cutting dictionaries

We know what can and can’t be outsourced sensibly, and we work with several Indian companies in this area.

We’re based south of Glasgow in Scotland, but our customers are all over the globe.